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Amber Rotating Beacon

Part #: 296-1011

G-R-S Micro Liting

Vehicle Lighting Kit -- Rotating Beacon (amber) ROTATING BEACONS The special electronics in our "gumball" beacons create an impression that they are actually rotating. These devices are not merely flashers, but display brilliant prototypical type action that must be seen to be appreciated. GRS1011-1 micro liting devices have been developed primarily for the larger S,O and G scale train layouts and for 1/18 and 1/25 scale cars. Both versions are equipped with a tin-plated motor housing and a larger 3.0 volt GOR bulb that closely replicates these scales. Normal bulb brightness punctuated by high intensity flashes every 1 1/2 seconds gives an extremely realistic rotating appearance.

Amber Rotating Beacon


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