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Saw Blade W/Mandrel Coarse 1"

Part #: 321-8221015

Gyros Precision Tools Inc.

Saw Blade w/Mandrel -- Coarse, 1" Diameter, 34 Teeth 1" Diameter .015" Thickness 1/8" Center Hole 34 Teeth Maximum Speed: 35,000 RPM Pack Contains: (1) Saw Blade, (1) Mandrel, (2) Washers These COARSE-TEETH blades offer fast cutting on soft woods such as balsa, cedar, pine and basswood, as well as hard woods, and plastic. Also great for paraffin and wax. These are ideal cross cut saws. They are ideal woodworking tools for limitless wood cutting projects, are compatible with other Dremel® tool accessories and they produce a clean finished cut - virtually eliminating any further finishing operations. For your safety and protection, NEVER operate a rotary tool without the GyrosGuard Safety Shield when using cutting accessories

Saw Blade w/Mandrel -- Coarse 1"