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Litepac Starter Set

Part #: 296-135

G-R-S Micro Liting

Litepac -- 1.5V Converter/Regulator w/12-Pack #100 Micro-Bulbs The GRS135 is the same as the GRS125 but with an added 12 pak of 1.5 volt micro bulbs. Unlike ac transformers, our Litepacs provide a fully regulated and filtered dc output that can actually EXTEND bulb life by 50% or more. A "lamp saver" circuit helps prevent harmful ac line surges or spikes form destroying delicate 1.5 volt micro bulbs. The unit will shut down in the event of an overload, overheating or excessive current draw. Comes fully assembled with instructions and mounting hardware.

Litepac starter set


This item is currently not in stock at our store, but we’ll do everything we can to bring it in for you. Please allow additional time for shipping..